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"The corrupt kingdom of Bretonnia" is a complete non-arthurian Bretonnian sourcebook for WFRP. It expands on the description of Bretonnia given in the original WFRP rulebook p274 to 277 rather than the background of current Warhammer Battle.

The Corrupt Kingdom of Bretonnia (2003)

freely distributable, 200 pages in pdf format, complete with maps and illustrations.

Bretonnia-Sourcebook contains a lot of information specifically intended for GMs of WFRP-Bretonnia campaigns. As a casual browser or if you want to get a feel of the background for a 1-off game, I would recommend starting by the following articles :
  1. The back-cover text
  2. Book1 contains a wealth of readily usable information for Bretonnian GMs and players (Calendar, maps, timeline, names, language, money, non-human, cities) and will be expanded on in this website.
  3. Xavier Rousseau's gazette articles in Book6 are good to pass on key elements of the Bretonnian background (Excerpts on nobility & magic).
  4. The summary on government members and noble factions at the end of Book3a gives the essential information on who rules the nation.
  5. Book2 contains material for GMs wishing to play in archaic Bretonnia, possibly with elements of WFB.
  6. Book5 contains expanded background for the city of Guisoreux, the capital of Bretonnia.
  7. Finally books 3&4 deal with Nobility and Religion, two key elements in Bretonnian campaigns. Saints can be used to get PCs more involved in the faith aspect of their characters.
Peter Butterworth, Sourcebook Editor

Presentation of Bretonnia


What is Bretonnia ?  Bretonnia is essentially WFRP France. It is a decadent ancient-regime setting with swashbucklers and witches.

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